Machined Parts

Our machining department has both CNC and manual equipment with the capability to handle varying batch sizes and even single prototype/proof of concept machining. With quick turn around for our prototyping work, we understand that the sooner our clients have their prototypes in their possession the sooner they can make informed decisions on the functionality and function of their components, getting their product to market on schedule or sooner.

Our equipment has the capacity for heavy material removal in various materials such as aluminum stainless steel and hard alloys such as titanium and tool steels. We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of services to our clients ensuring process reliability and oversight of our service quality. With 4th axis capability, this not only reduces time and cost with fewer setups, but adds accuracy reducing dimensional variance due to improper loading into a fixture.


We also work with other machine shops who need help making parts. If the machine shop is busy or needs help we are happy to provide the help they need. Especially, during these COVID-19 times , working together is more important than as ever! Our company believes in working together like a community . If your machine shop would like to outsource work to us or if inversely if you have a service that your provide that expands in our capabilities then please go to the contact page and reach out to us.